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Knute Nelson received the Award of Honor for Performance Excellence in Aging Services from LeadingAge Minnesota. The award recognizes an advanced level of continuous quality improvement and outstanding achievements in 24 management practices focused on leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, workforce and operations.

“The Award of Honor in Performance Excellence in Aging Services recognizes the distinct accomplishments and positive outcomes by providers who are committed to the quality of care, services and support provided to older adults in aging services settings.” said Gayle Kvenvold, President and CEO, LeadingAge Minnesota. “We congratulate Knute Nelson for their demonstrated commitment to quality and excellence in all that they do.”

Performance Excellence in Aging Services was created by LeadingAge Minnesota in 2017 to help aging services providers innovate and improve the quality services and supports they provide to older adults. The continuous learning and development program is centered on the core values and criteria of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, which focuses on seven areas of achievement and improvement demonstrated by high performing organizations.

The Performance Excellence in Aging Services program Award of Honor recognizes organizations that have achieved the Award of Merit, the first level of performance excellence, and then continued their journey to implement an even more mature level of excellence in their organizational operations. Knute Nelson first achieved its Award of Merit in 2018, and then immediately set out to enhance their quality improvement efforts.  To receive the Award of Honor, Knute Nelson was reviewed by trained evaluators and deemed as meeting established criteria, describing the systematic and effective processes they have in place for 24 different leadership and management practices within six key categories – leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, workforce, and operations.

“We are honored to receive the Award of Honor for Performance Excellence,” says Mark Anderson, President/CEO. “Our mission of ‘enriching the lives of everyone we serve’ relies on our ability to provide the highest quality of care to those we serve and in order to do this we must work diligently and intentionally on continuously improving our processes. We are proud to have a team who shares in this passion and is willing to put forth the extra effort to make it happen.”