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On April 20, 1948, the former home of the late Senator and Governor, Knute Nelson, was opened as a nursing home for elderly area residents. 

Today, April 20, 2018, the state of Minnesota has proclaimed April 20, 2018, as "Knute Nelson Day." The city of Alexandria has also recognized the day as a tribute to Knute Nelson.Knute Nelson.JPG

Thank you to Knute Nelson, a renaissance man who was a prominent citizen and successful politican. His distinctive career is depicted by a bronze statue which stands in front of the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul. The inscription reads: "Three years a soldier in the Civil War. Three times a member of Congress. Twice Governor of Minnesota, five times our United States Senator. A brave son of Norway, a true patriot devoted in his allegiance to America. A wise statesman uncompromising in support of the principles in which he believed. A distinguished citizen of Minnesota;"

The legacy of Knute Nelson continues as his home now serves as headquarters for the Douglas County Historical Society and as the Knute Nelson organization continues to expand to fill the need of caring for the aging.