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Around-the-Clock Support

092619 Knute Nelson 39d.jpgThe Knute Nelson Care Center provides around-the-clock health care and daily living assistance for older adults, both long- and short-term. 

The facility is organized into neighborhoods and each resident has a private room. Even though most have complex medical needs, they thrive because of the nursing care and attention they receive. Their dignity is first and foremost as we provide assistance with their day-to-day needs such as bathing, dressing and toileting.  

There are numerous activities to enrich mind, body and spirit each day, from cookies and coffee, concerts and Bible study to happy hours, crafts and more. Meaningful activities that give their days purpose and meaning. 

YMCA Childcare at Knute Nelson

Children in the newly opened daycare center within the Knute Nelson Care Center visit residents for 092619 Knute Nelson - YMCA 22d.jpgweekly activities. They also often walk through the Nursing Home singing or using the hallways as an extension of their classroom, looking, for example, everything they see that's red.

“These are my brothers, my sisters, my parents and my grandparents. I volunteer because I feel like right now this is where God wants me and I have so much fun here.” -Rebecca, Friends of Knute volunteer

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