Music Therapy

Theraputic Music

A Music Therapy session is a 20-30 minute session that occurs at the patient’s bedside, one-on-one, by using voice and guitar as a healing presence. The focus is completely on the patient with the aim of bringing in-the-moment healing and comfort to the patient’s whole being - emotional, spiritual, mental and physiological - simply by having the patient in the presence of live music.

Live music affects human beings by physically sending vibration throughout the body. Vibration hits different nerve points in the body.

Intimate live music therapeutic sessions are a non-invasive way to improve the quality of life. It may lead to improved human contact, better communication, more positive and less negative emotions and an improved relationship between the caregiver and the receiver.


• Alter the sense of time
• Aid in mental focus in Alzheimer’s patients
• Distract from present situations
• Ease the dying during transition
• Provide comfort
• Reduce stress
• Refocus attention
• Relax mind and body
• Relieve anxiety
• Relieve body and mental tension
• Stabilize blood pressure
• Support vital signs of acute patients


We provide live therapeutic music sessions for individuals receiving the following services at Knute Nelson:

• Assisted living
• Enhanced assisted living
• Hospice
• Memory care
• Nursing home (Care Center)