Bereavement Services

When you’re loved one is in hospice, you’re in pre-loss grief. After they die, the dust might settle, but the grief doesn’t end.  

What is bereavement? 

Bereavement staff can’t remove your grief, but they can make the load a little lighter. 

After your loved one dies, they’ll support you and your family through your grieving process. They’ll connect you to the resources you need, whether they’re counseling, grief groups or something else. And they’ll stay in touch with phone calls and letters.  

Your bereavement staff will support you and your family for up to a year. You won’t be alone.  

Our Spiritual Care team helps by:

  • Sending out letters and resources that give your family suggestions on how to get through their grief and so that you know how you're feeling is normal and that you can survive this.
  • Personal phone calls from our spiritual care team, from our chaplain.
  • We have grief groups you and your family can attend, which brings people who are in the same situation together and help you and your family really grow and help each other through the process.