KN at Home

Customized Whole-Person Care

Each individual is unique and has their own needs and challenges.

KN at Home by Knute Nelson includes a team of health care professionals who specialize in supporting individuals and caregivers as they face their own unique challenges of aging.AdobeStock_155414648.jpeg

Our approach focuses on preventing health complications that can lead to hospitalizations or long-term care placements by navigating resources, implementing needed support, and managing the care network of providers for an individual. 

At KN at Home by Knute Nelson, we believe in serving your needs upstream rather than preventing downstream health complications. What does this mean exactly?

Three friends come to a river filled with people helplessly being swept toward a waterfall. The first friend jumps in and furiously tries to save people who are just about to drown. In an effort to improve the rescue rate, the second friend builds a raft to ferry more people to safety. Where is the third friend you ask? That person is upstream preventing people from falling in the river in the first place. Upstream is where KN at Home focuses our efforts. 

It is about recognizing an individual’s everyday life challenges, filling in gaps, and preventing negative health events.

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