Commitment to Safety

Keeping your loved ones safe during COVID-19

Our safety program is grounded on three pillars: precautions, testing, and vaccinations.

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Staff will continue to wear masks and other personal protective equipment. Residents must wear masks when in public areas. (If they are able.)

We continue to test residents and staff as needed. Staff are screened before each shift and residents are screened routinely.

We encourage all staff and residents within our communities to get vaccinated and give them various opportunities to do so.

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Guided by experts

We follow the recommendations from the experts at the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They err on the side of caution. We do, too.

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Your questions answered

Are you vaccinating residents?
We’re currently vaccinating residents and staff at all our residences. Many residents and staff have received both doses. We’ll continue to use recommended safety precautions after all residents and staff are vaccinated.

How do you keep residents informed?
Each residence’s executive director regularly updates residents and their families. Residents receive print copies. They also have access to the family communication portal online, which contains the same updates.

Updates include things like testing, vaccinations, and whether there are active cases.

How do you keep families informed?
Families have access to an online portal where they can get updates – visiting, testing, vaccinations, whether there are active cases, etc. Families can sign-up to receive an email notification each time the portal is updated.

If you didn’t receive your family portal log-in or would like to receive emails when the portal is updated, please call or email – see the list below.

Grand Arbor: 320-763-1600 or 
Knute Nelson Care Center (nursing home): 320-763-6653 or 
Nelson Gables: 320-762-4310 or
Crystal Brook: 218-699-3605 or

How do you keep residents safe?
All staff wear masks. Those who provide direct care wear additional personal protective equipment as necessary. Staff are screened before each shift, are tested on an ongoing basis along with all residents, and practice diligent hand hygiene. 

All residents must wear masks when they’re in public areas (if they’re able to do so) and are routinely screened for COVID-19 symptoms. 

How often do you test residents and staff?
We test residents and staff on an individual basis if symptoms or exposure occur. If a resident or staff member tests positive for the virus, we will follow the appropriate recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). (We also monitor the number of positive cases in the county and recommendations from MDH.)

Can I visit my friend or family member?
Visitor guidelines vary by location. It’s based on our residents’ health, the number of positive cases in Douglas and surrounding counties, and recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health. Please contact the appropriate community using the contact information above to see what visit types are currently available. 

Is the Nelson Wellness Center open?
The Nelson Wellness Center is currently open. We follow the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidance on when it’s safe for gyms and fitness centers to be open and the best way to keep members safe. You can find current hours on the Nelson Wellness Center page.

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Why are you getting vaccinated?









For more information on COVID-19

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)