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Finding the right independent living community can feel a lot like playing the role of Goldilocks from the fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But instead of testing different porridge temperatures and trying different bed sizes, you’re evaluating on-site amenities, health services and safety protocols.

Admittedly, comparing what senior living communities have to offer can be challenging. Every major change – like moving to senior living – also requires some planning. That’s why we’re reviewing all that’s offered at Grand Arbor, Knute Nelson’s independent living community in Alexandria, MN, so you can find the independent living community that is just right for you.

Grand Arbor’s Resident Experience

Knute Nelson’s independent living community is focused on resident empowerment and inspiration. At Grand Arbor, life is so much more than just the physical amenities offered; it’s about an enriching resident experience that offers a safe, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

When you join our independent living community in Alexandria, MN, you’ll feel:

  • Increased Independence. Residents have significantly more freedom and independence at Grand Arbor. There’s no more time-consuming tasks or unexpected home repair costs. Instead, you have more time to do what you actually want to do, when you want to do it.
  • A Greater Sense of Community. Home ownership in retirement can make you feel like you’re on your own, without loved ones and friends nearby to support you. At Grand Arbor, each resident is an integral part of our community and Knute Nelson family. Community-wide events, activities and health services can help you feel like a valued member of our community.
  • Social Connection. Socialization is key to healthy aging and avoiding physical isolation and feelings of loneliness. As a resident of Grand Arbor, you’ll have access to social programs that can connect you to neighbors with similar interests and passions as you. Our community is designed to help you build fulfilling and lasting relationships.
  • Safety and Wellness. At Grand Arbor, resident well-being is our number one priority. You can have peace of mind knowing your health and safety are well looked after at a community that strictly follows guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Features of Grand Arbor Independent Living

At Grand Arbor, you’ll experience the comforts of home balanced with a wonderful sense of community thanks to our on-site features and amenities:

  • Home Maintenance. Lawn care, snow removal and any home maintenance you need are all taken care of for you. This gives you the additional time and freedom you want in independent living.
  • Social Programming. Grand Arbor offers weekly events and activities you can participate in with your fellow neighbors and friends. These social programs give you plenty of opportunity for social connection and wellness.
  • Restaurant-Style Dining. Grand Arbor offers restaurant-style dining with freshly prepared meals and a stimulating environment that encourages socialization. Residents also have access to Pioneer Grill for made-to-go orders and Bountiful Bistro for grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, snacks and more!
  • Full Family of Services. If your health needs change, additional care options are available at Grand Arbor. Whether you need assisted living, enhanced assisted living or memory care, we are here to provide you with the support you may need.
  • Wellness Programming. Physical fitness is key to helping you live independently for as long as possible. At Grand Arbor, you have access to a wellness membership and full-service gym to stay physically active and achieve your fitness goals.
  • Other Conveniences. There’s so much more you can do, right on Grand Arbor’s campus. Enjoy the latest blockbuster or a classic film in our movie theater, pamper yourself at our beauty salon and barbershop and keep your vehicle safe and clean with our underground heated parking and car wash bay.

Enjoy an Independent Retirement at Grand Arbor

At Grand Arbor, you can live an independent lifestyle with more time for what matters most. We don’t tell you how to live or what to do with your time; rather, you get to decide how you spend your days. All we do is provide the on-site services and support you need to experience the independence, safety and greater sense of purpose you deserve each and every day.

Think you found the right independent living community for you? Contact us today at (320) 763-1600 to learn more about becoming a resident at Grand Arbor in Alexandria, MN.