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Veterans have made incredible sacrifices serving their country. Many suffered physical injuries while on active duty, others returned home with emotional trauma and all had put their personal lives on hold to ensure the rest of us could continue living freely. Veterans deserve to live as fully as possible, especially as they progress through their final chapter of life. Knute Nelson strives to provide high quality care to veterans and their families. We do this through We Honor Veterans, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

What is We Honor Veterans?

Veterans have unique challenges and needs that require specific care and support in senior living and hospice care.

If your parent, grandparent or relative requires hospice, We Honor Veterans is the very best way to care for them. Hospice organizations and VA facilities can partner with this program to improve their veteran services and help people like your loved one move toward a more calm and peaceful ending.

Partners of We Honor Veterans can progress through different levels of veteran care, receiving educational tools and resources to promote veteran-centric activities, increase capacity for and improve veteran care, and build strategic partnerships to better serve veteran needs.

Levels of We Honor Veterans

We Honor Veterans offers five levels for partners to achieve. Each level is designed to increase the amount and quality of care senior living and hospice organizations can provide to veterans and their families.

These levels include the following:

  • Level 1: We Honor Veterans partners at this level receive education for staff and volunteers and learn how to identify patients with military backgrounds. This education and learning include veteran-specific presentations and incorporates military history checklists into organizational policies.
  • Level 2: At this level, partners begin to build organizational capacity for veteran care. Staff and volunteers continue to receive veteran education, veteran-specific intake processes are built into organizational procedures and partnerships and outreach with veteran organizations are built.
  • Level 3: Partners at this level focus on developing and strengthening relationships with veteran medical centers and organizations. These partners offer veteran-to-veteran volunteer programs and implement procedures for assisting veterans and their families.
  • Level 4: Hospice organizations at this level are focused on increasing access and improving care to veterans. These partners give veteran presentations to the greater community, nurture relationships with VA facilities and implement procedures for smoothly transitioning veterans from VA medical centers.
  • Level 5: At this level, partners are focused on expanding veteran partnerships, sharing knowledge with other hospice providers and serving as mentors to other organizations.

Knute Nelson Hospice Care for Veterans

If you’re searching for veteran hospice care that empowers your loved one, look no further than Knute Nelson. We are proud to be a Level 3 partner of We Honor Veterans, giving us a unique ability to provide the specialized care veterans need.

Our staff and volunteers receive ongoing education on how to best care for veterans. This education is built into our employee orientation, which means staff members are able to care for your loved one’s needs from the moment they join the Knute Nelson team.

Through our veteran-to-veteran volunteer program, your loved one can connect with volunteers who also have military service. This bond can improve your loved one’s quality of life in their final days.

Finally, we have procedures and best practices in place to assist your family and loved one as you seek hospice care. We know this process can be overwhelming and emotional, which is why we can guide you through this process step-by-step and help you access your loved one’s veteran benefits when the time comes.

Knute Nelson is Proud to Be a We Honor Veterans Partner

At Knute Nelson, it is our mission to offer empowering and loving hospice care to all those who have served our country and their families. As a Level 3 partner of We Honor Veterans, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest quality of hospice care to your loved one as they progress toward the end of their life.

Contact us today to learn more about the veteran hospice care available to your loved one and family.