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Congratulations to our Tree of Excellence recipient, Jen Sibell, wellness instructor at the Nelson Wellness Center. The Tree of Excellence Award is the highest level of recognition through the Knute Nelson Recognition Program. Jen was nominated for this award by her peers for her outstanding performance.

Here are just a few comments from Jen's peers that were included on her nomination form:

·       She comes to work with a positive attitude and shares it with residents and delivers excellent customer-focus service.

·       She knows the importance of being supportive and uplifting to the residents and truly values them and their well-being.”

·       She is always putting her best foot forward, trying her hardest, encouraging others and bringing laughter and smiles into the room.

·       She often times absorbs other more than her usual work load when team members are sick or absent and jumps in wherever needed.

·       She frequently assists care staff by helping diffuse behaviors in the memory care households by taking residents for walks or giving one on one attention when care staff are too busy to do so.

·       She has an ingrained, upstanding character with high values that cannot be taught or learned. She is a huge asset to Grand Arbor. The light she brings is such a valuable gift to the residents and her co-workers.

·       She always accommodates residents abilities and adjusts her teaching to their level so nobody in her class feels inferior or less adequate. She makes everyone feel welcome and wanted.

​​​​From the comments above and many more you can see why Jen is so deserving of this significant award. Thank you for going above and beyond to enrich lives, Jen!