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Congratulations to Knute Nelson Tree of Excellence recipient, Megan Wilken. Megan serves Knute Nelson Home Care and Hospice as a utilization nurse.

The Tree of Excellence Award is Knute Nelson’s highest level of recognition. Recipients are nominated by their peers and have demonstrated excellence in a number of award criteria and guidelines such as customer service, commitment, attitude, communication and mentorship.

Here are just a few comments from Megan’s nomination form that describe why she is so deserving of this significant award: 

·  "When requested to take on extra tasks, or work on a new priority, she is very understanding and quick to shift her priorities as needed."IMG_6995.JPG

·  "The team trusts her because they know that she will not let them down."

·   "She has served as a great resource to the home care team while other members of the team have been out due to family/medical leave. She has taken on additional responsibilities and additional workload with a smile and positive attitude."

·   "When work is busy or things aren't going according to plan, she keeps up a positive attitude and keeps her eye on the goal."

·   "She goes above and beyond in helping all the clinical staff for home care and hospice. She takes the time to answer people’s questions and will assist them in anyway she can. She is a great resource to new nurses and provides them with support and advice."

·   "She lives out Knute Nelson's mission and vision every day and is committed to the team's success."

Congratulations, Megan!