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Moving Mom or Dad to a Care Center (nursing home) can seem like giving up. But it’s often the best, healthiest and safest option.  

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • More and more hospital stays or trips to the emergency room 

  • Complex medical needs – IVs, colostomy care, wound care, diabetes care 

  • Frequent falls 

  • Insufficient nutrition – not eating regularly or enough 

A Care Center helps your loved one thrive. It starts with around-the-clock medical care and includes activities and a culture that engages their bodies, minds and hearts.  

What does a Care Center provide? 

24/7 Medical Care and Peace of Mind 

Nursing staff are on-site 24-hours per day. Your Mom or Dad is taken care of any time of the day or night. Some things nurses help residents with include: 

  • Complex medication management, including IVs 

  • Diabetes management 

  • Incontinence and catheter care 

  • Colostomy care 

  • Daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and toileting 

For you, a Care Center means peace of mind. There’s no need to wonder if they’ve taken their medication, if they’ve eaten, if they’ve fallen or if they’re safe. If you call and they don’t answer the phone, you won’t need to worry if something bad happened.  

Engaging the body, mind and heart 

Life at a Care Center is about much more than providing for your Mom or Dad’s medical needs. It’s also about their body, mind and heart.  

Engaging the body

We all need physical activity, no matter our stage of life. In the past, Mom or Dad might have been avid golfers or bikers. While they can no longer do those activities, there are plenty of others they can do.  

Activities coordinators plan exercise classes that match what residents can and like to do. Mom might become a regular at chair yoga class. Ballon volleyball might become Dad’s new favorite activity.  

Engaging the mind

Whether your Mom or Dad is sharp as a tack or no longer recognizes family, they need to think and do new things to live a full life. Activities coordinators make this happen with a variety of events to stimulate the mind like field trips, concerts, volunteer projects and games.   

Engaging the heart

Meaningful connections with neighbors, friends and staff are the key to a happy life. Conversations over meals, coffees, happy hours and day-to-day interactions will help your Mom or Dad feel part of and important to the community.    


Return to family time 

When you know that your Mom or Dad is taken care of, you can get back to focusing on your time together. You can share stories, make new memories, or simply enjoy time in each other’s company.  


Knute Nelson’s Care Center 

Where is Knute Nelson’s Care Center? 

Knute Nelson's Care Center is in located at:
420 12th Avenue East 
Alexandria, MN 56308


Questions and Tours 

If you have questions or want to schedule a tour, contact us: (320) 763-6653.