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Going to the gym, taking an exercise class or going for a relaxing swim can be a little intimidating as we age. It can be like the first day of school. “Will I be the oldest one in the class?” “Will there be someone there to help me learn the weight machines so I don’t hurt myself?” “Will there be incessantly loud music?” “How do I exercise with my bad knee?” 

With all the opportunities for feeling out of place, it’s no wonder that a lot of people just stay away. Here are three reasons to consider a 45+ gym instead.

1.    Age is only a number

Are you in shape or do you get winded walking to the mailbox? Do you know how to use weight machines or look at them in confusion? Glide through the moves in a fitness class or feel like you have two left feet? In any case, you’ll feel at home. At a gym for older adults, your age, and whether you feel your age don’t matter. 

While you’ll have your age in common with other members, their interests and abilities can vary dramatically – from intense workouts in the gym or pool to working on their balance. Many gyms also offer classes in the pool for those with knee or hip pain, whether from injury or surgery. (Working out in the water is easier on the joints.) 

2.    Equipment designed for you 

If we fell down as often as kids do, we’d be in pretty bad shape. Kids’ bodies weather tumbling much better than ours do. 

In a similar vein, equipment designed for older adults is easier on muscles and joints than standard exercise equipment. Your results will be the same. But your chances of pain or injury are much less. 

3.    Personal trainers who know how older adult bodies work

Bodies over 45 don’t work like they did when they were younger. Working with a trainer who’s experienced with older bodies makes a world of difference. They’ll help you safely set and reach your fitness goals no matter what they are. 

Nelson Wellness Center

If you’re looking for a 45+ gym with a variety of fitness options designed just for you, 11-2011 Grand Arbor 56d.jpgthe Nelson Wellness Center is for you. Whether you’re working on endurance or balance, are hard-core fit or just starting out, you’ll love what’s on offer. You’ll also get two extra benefits with your membership. 

Three memberships for the price of one. When you’re a member of the Nelson Wellness Center, you’re a member at three gyms: the Nelson Wellness Centers at Grand Arbor and Nelson Gables, and the Alexandria YMCA

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