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Knute Nelson has always taken great pride in the high-quality care and service we provide to our residents.

When it comes to helping our residents age well and live fully, we don’t rest on our laurels. We seek out ways to innovate and improve the level of care, services and supports we provide. Over the past year, we undertook a major initiative that is moving us forward on a path to continuous quality improvement and advancing performance excellence. And our efforts did not go unnoticed. In February, we were honored to be one of three organizations in the state to receive an Award of Merit in Performance Excellence in Aging Services.

We are incredibly proud of this accomplishment and know that it would not have been possible with our dedicated staff at Knute Nelson who are united in our shared mission to enrich the lives of everyone we serve.

An incredible, dedicated team, spent more than eight months on this project. They first completed a detailed self-assessment that identified and prioritized improvement opportunities in or organization. The team then set out to close those gaps, and ensure we have effective systems in place to best serve improve the lives of the people we serve, empower our staff teams, and achieve and sustain quality efforts more efficiently.

Quality never ends. It’s a continuous journey, and one we are better prepared to take as a result of Performance Excellence in Aging Services.