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With the start of a brand new year, what is your personal resolutions and goals? One of them may be to live more of your life the way you truly want in your home where you’re most comfortable. This can be challenging, though, as you get older or recover from an illness or surgery.

Fortunately, technology has come a long way in making aging in your home safer. In-home care technology services offered by Knute Nelson support your independence by helping you live in your home safely and comfortably.

What is Home Care?

Home care services give you an amazing opportunity to receive a high level of support without having to move out of the home you’ve lived in for decades. At Knute Nelson, our home care services are ideal for seniors who need medical assistance while recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, or who simply want to live independently in their home.

Home care services range from physical, occupational and speech therapy services to skilled nursing, medication management and education. Home care can also include IV therapy, companionship, personal care services, respite care, and cardiac and blood pressure monitoring. Our team is continuously improving the in-home services we provide by investing in our staff and their education, as well as, the in-home technology we use.

Home Health Care Technology Services from Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, we leverage a variety of technological services to help aging adults stay healthy, improve their quality of life and stay connected to friends and family. This technology helps you continue to stay in your home and puts your well-being first.

  • Personal Emergency Response – If you’re prone to falls, visit the emergency room often, or simply want peace of mind, an emergency response system can help you feel more safe and secure. Knute Nelson offers a variety of personal emergency response options that cater to the specific needs of aging adults. Some of these include fall protection, two-way communication and GPS.
  • Medication Management – This form of technology is designed for those individuals who are taking multiple medications each day. Medication management devices help those who occasionally forget to take their medications or have a complicated medication schedule. It keeps your medications organized, reminds you to take them and dispenses them only at the appropriate times. Medications can be set up by a licensed nurse, the client’s family member or the client themself.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth is also available to make it easier for you to age comfortably in your home. Your telehealth kit includes a tablet that allows you to easily text, voice call and video call a nurse when you need care or want to discuss health concerns. It can also be used to manage your symptoms related to an illness or chronic health condition. Your telehealth nurse is able to communicate with your physician directly if there are any concerns that may require adjustments of care plans, medications or increased monitoring.

Your tablet may also come with a pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and scale to monitor your vitals through Bluetooth technology. A nurse will be able to monitor your health through this technology and reach out if there are any concerns. Knowing someone is reviewing your vitals and health data can relieve any stress you’re feeling about your well-being and take the guesswork out of reading the numbers on your pressure cuff or tablet.

Discover In-Home Technology Services from Knute Nelson

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to monitor your health or want peace of mind while staying at home, in-home technology from Knute Nelson can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our available services and what technology services may be right for you.