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“God enters by a private door into every individual.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday mass and regular prayer serve as your own private door to connect with God. Taking an active role in mass as a Eucharistic Minister or Usher or participating in volunteer opportunities with your Church community have become part of your individual identity; these activities are what help you feel close to Him.

But what if an illness, injury or an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 pandemic keep you from taking part in your Church like you usually do? This lack of spiritual practice can leave you feeling isolated and lost. Luckily, there are ways you can still practice your faith daily no matter what is happening in your life.

Why Practicing Your Faith is Good for Your Well-Being

How does practicing your faith make you feel? Does it relax you, make you happy and give you a sense of purpose? This is because spiritual wellness is actually one of the eight dimensions of wellness that can aid your health and well-being as you age.

In recently published year-two results of the Mather Institute five-year Age Well Study, researchers found that spirituality offers social cohesion and a sense of community, which leads to more positive health behaviors and health care outcomes.

The results continued to show that seniors who reported higher spirituality also reported increased physical activity, healthier diets and more participation in meditation and personal contemplation. Seniors with high spirituality also reported better personal health and lower levels of stress.

So, those positive feelings you experience from practicing your faith every day are important for your well-being. Even if an injury or COVID-19 keeps you from joining your Church community in the ways you used to, you can still live your faith every day.

Healthy and Safe Ways to Live Out Your Faith Each Day

Let’s review five safe and inspiring ways you can practice your faith and continue to connect to something greater than yourself:

  1. Participate in Virtual Mass Every Sunday. If the pandemic has cancelled public masses or you are unable to attend in person as a result of an illness or injury, you can still attend mass virtually. CatholicTV offers daily and on-demand masses you can watch on your phone, laptop, tablet or smart TV. You can also contact your local Church to see if they are recording their masses and sharing them online.

  2. Begin Each Day with Morning Prayer or Meditation. There’s no better time to establish peace, harmony and tranquility than as the sun is rising on the day. Before you start your busy schedule, take at least 10 minutes each morning to say a prayer or participate in a morning meditation. Both activities can improve your self-awareness, ease your stress and help you settle nervous thoughts and emotions.

  3. Read Bible Verses During Regular Nature Walks. Like morning prayer, regularly reading bible verses can help you practice your faith, even if you aren’t at Church. If you’re able to, take your bible with you and spend time reading outside (remember to socially distance yourself). This will give you some much-needed exercise and fresh air while maintaining your spiritual wellness. If you can’t go on walks due to an injury or illness, even just sitting outside and reading on your backyard or on your porch can keep you living your faith.

  4. Participate in Small Group Bible Study Sessions. Do you have family members or friends from your Church community who you like to practice your faith with? If you’re physically able, you can meet them in a local park for weekly bible study. This interaction will be great for your well-being, but just remember to social distance and wear a mask. If you cannot meet in person, try bible study sessions through a video conference call.

  5. Participate in Socially Distant Volunteer Opportunities. Helping others is a great way to truly live out your spiritual values and morals. If you can’t volunteer in person or don’t feel quite comfortable returning to in-person volunteer activities yet, try virtual volunteering. Organizations like United Nations Volunteers and Zooniverse offer online volunteer opportunities you can do from the comfort of your own home.

You can also reach out to your local Church to see how you can stay involved with their activities from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Maintain Your Spiritual Wellness at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, Christian Heritage is one of our values and we respect and value your spiritual and religious wellness. That’s why we prioritize your spiritual wellness at all levels of care.

If you are coming to Knute Nelson for short-term rehabilitation, our short-term rehab center includes a chapel and outdoor healing gardens where you can practice your faith and connect with God. Our Grand Arbor, Nelson Gables and Crystal Brook housing communities also have on-site spiritual care offerings like bible study. Our Hospice services team includes Chaplains who are able to provide caring and compassionate spiritual care to residents and their families.

No matter what level of care you need, Knute Nelson can help you practice your faith every day and maintain your connection to your local Church community. To learn more, contact us today at 320-759-4613 or by filling out this form.