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There are many questions surrounding getting a loved one into the right care for hospice. Where do you go? Which choice is right for my loved one?

Here are a list of questions to ask when choosing a hospice agency:

  • Does the hospice agency accept my insurance? 

  • How long has the hospice been servicing patients? 

  • What hospice services and support services are provided? 
  • Does the hospice team have help after busines hours? Nights? Weekends? Holidays? 
  • How will the hospice team manage my loved ones pain or other symptoms that arise? 
  • When I call with an urgent need, how long will it take for the hospice team to respond? 
  • How will the hospice team keep me and my family informed about our loved ones condition? 
  • How do I communicate my questions or concerns I have about care? 
  • How will the hospice team prepare me and my family for what to expect? 
  • What if we cannot take care of our loved one at home? 
  • How will the hospice team support us emotionally through the grieving process? 


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