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Did you know that according to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, home care alone provides high-quality, compassionate care to more than 5 million Americans annually? Whether your spouse is recovering from a surgery or your parent is suffering from a life-limiting illness, home care and hospice services can actually empower your loved one to live an enriched, comfortable lifestyle.

As we celebrate Home Care and Hospice month, consider if these services can help your loved one live their life to the fullest. Millions of nurses, home care aides and therapists, like the ones at Knute Nelson, strive to improve the quality of life for their patients every day.

How Home Care Can Improve Your Loved One’s Life

At Knute Nelson, our home care services are designed to improve patients’ quality of life. When patients can move better and are treated with dignity, they can live more freely and independently. Four key benefits of home care include:

  • Medication Management – Our dedicated team can help your loved one manage their medications to ensure they are taken properly and on time. When your loved one is able to take their medications as directed, they are able to live a healthier, safer lifestyle.
  • Equipment Recommendations – Another benefit of home care is our team’s ability to provide equipment recommendations that can help your loved one live as safely and independently as possible. Equipment like walkers and grab bars can significantly improve your loved one’s ability to move around their home and live as they’d like.
  • Increased Safety – Prior to receiving home care, Knute Nelson will perform a safety assessment of your loved one’s living environment to accurately create a recovery plan that meets their needs. This in-home safety check will also help determine whether or not your loved one needs equipment recommendations and home adjustments to make their living environment safe.
  • Respectful Care – Our experienced team members will always provide your loved one with the highest levels of care that will help them live a dignified, independent lifestyle. Your loved one will be cared for like family, treated day in and day out with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Experience Compassionate Hospice Care from Knute Nelson

Similar to home care, our hospice care services are meant to empower patients to live as fully as they can in their final days, weeks and months. If your loved one is suffering from a life limiting illness, they shouldn’t have to live in pain or struggle to enjoy their life.

No one knows better how much hospice can improve quality of life than JP Whalen. JP was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and his disease has progressed to the point where he requires assistance with his daily activities like dressing and eating.

JP eventually needed to seek a higher level of care, which led him to discover the hospice services available from Knute Nelson. Since starting his hospice care, JP’s well-being and happiness have increased.

“Dignity. That’s one that I don’t think a lot of people understand, that people with disabilities do have dignity, and every loss of independence that you experience, a little piece of that dignity goes with it,” JP explained. “And the people from Knute Nelson respect that dignity and understand it, and they help you maintain that aspect of your life.”

This empowerment and dignity to live as fully as possible starts with our team of experienced nurses, social workers, home health aides and specialized therapists. Each member of our team strives to provide each and every patient with the loving care and support they won’t find anywhere else.

“Everybody that works at Knute Nelson is happy and seems to enjoy their job and the people they work with,” JP explained. “Knute Nelson is an upbeat place. I enjoy the staff, my nurses and anybody that’s been in my room, they’ve all been phenomenal.”

Experience Compassionate Home Care and Hospice Services at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, you can expect to find the personalized care your loved one needs through our home health care services. Our team can provide medication assistance, assistance with activities of daily living, wound care, chronic illness management and more.

Through our home care and hospice offerings, your loved one will receive the care they need in the location they choose. Our services offer peace of mind for you, your loved one and your family members. Contact us today to learn more about our services.