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I'm Gyra Rozell. I came from Overland Park, Kansas, and I'm living at the Nelson Gables.

My husband worked in Kansas City and when he passed away, I moved up here because my son is up here. My son married a girl from Minnesota, settled on Lake Ida and here I am, Gyra chuckles.

So I've been here eight years. And so we stopped in, and Linda showed me my apartment, and right away I said, 'I'll take it.'

I think because it is family to me, I feel comfortable. And I just like where it's situated too. It's close to everything. And it's small enough that it isn't huge and overwhelming to me.

I think what I enjoy the most are the young people and when they visit with you because you feel so connected to the outside world that way. And particularly, I think when we've been closed up so much.

I'm pretty independent in the way I live. I can think of two times I have fallen in the eight years, and I needed help because I could not get up. And if I was home alone, I could not have... I bet I'd still be on the floor, she said as she laughs.

I know (Nelson Gables) was the right choice for me because of the size of it.

It just felt like home, that's the reason.


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