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Knute Nelson is celebrating 70 years of service to the Alexandria community and will be expressing their gratitude for the community’s ongoing support by offering a free educational series in partnership with the Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS).

The series will be focused around the Knute Nelson organization’s founder and namesake, late Senator and Governor, Knute Nelson. “Senator and Governor, Knute Nelson, was passionate about caring for the elderly and left his land and home to ensure our community’s aging were cared for,” says Mark Anderson, President/CEO. “It’s important to our organization and DCHS that the history and roots of Alexandria not be forgotten, and the late Senator and Governor, Knute Nelson, is an important part of that history.”

All sessions in the series will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Grand Arbor Community Room at 4403 Pioneer Road SE, Alexandria.
•    Thursday, April 26 – “Who was the Late Senator and Governor, Knute Nelson?” Presented by Tom Anderson
•    Tuesday, May 3 – “Saving the Knute Nelson Home & New Home of the Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS)” Presented by the DCHS
•    Tuesday, May 17 – “Knute Nelson’s Legacy to Care for the Aging” Presented by Knute Nelson

There is no cost to attend and there is no RSVP necessary. 

Knute Nelson also invites the public to save the date for their final celebration to commemorate their 70 year anniversary, the Knute Nelson Annual Community Picnic on Tuesday, August 7th.