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At Knute Nelson, our home care services are available as a part of our therapy continuum to help all patients regain their strength, recover in a quick, safe manner and get back to their independent lifestyles. Our dedicated team at Knute Nelson Home Care is here to help ensure you can rehabilitate safely in your own home.

Our team will conduct home safety assessments, provide equipment recommendations and create a personalized care program made just for you to help you feel comfortable and well cared for at every stage of your recovery.

What is Home Care?

Home Care is an in-home option of care for those who need assistance with nursing care such as wounds, medications, IVs and education. Therapy can also be provided in the home; assisting with strengthening and regaining range of motion. Our goal is to provide the care our patients need wherever they call home.

According to Alyssa Rohloff, Director of Home Care at Knute Nelson, the home care services offered include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Home health aides are also available to help with daily living activities like bathing, homemaking, laundry and light cleaning.

3 Benefits of Home Care at Knute Nelson

Here are just three of the many benefits you can expect when you receive home care services from Knute Nelson:

1. Medication Management. If you are taking a few different prescriptions each day, it might become difficult to manage each of them. Home care professionals, like the ones at Knute Nelson, are there to ensure you are consuming the correct medications at the right times to help control pain and keep you healthy. This medication management allows you to focus and excel in your physical therapy exercises, helping you regain your strength and mobility faster. Knute Nelson even has medication machines to help you remember to take your medications on time.

"We have medication machines to help patients with medication management, that can go off anywhere from one to four times a day,” Alyssa Rohloff, Director of Home Care at Knute Nelson said. “Our nurse sets the machine up, and the machine works by going off and reminding the patient to take their correct medications at the correct time.”

One of the most common reasons patients will not take their medications is due to simple forgetfulness.

"A medication machine helps with the memory factor. It sounds an alarm and reminds patients to take medication on time. They're portable and can be taken with the patient if they're out and about for the day,” Alyssa said.

2. Equipment Recommendations. Equipment like walkers, shower chairs and grab bars are frequently part of the recommendations provided by Knute Nelson. We know that by implementing the proper equipment in a patient’s living environment, we can help them to live safely and independently.

3. In-Home Safety. Knute Nelson performs a safety assessment for each patient to better understand their living environment, daily activities and health needs so that we can accurately design a recovery plan that meets their needs while providing them with a high level of independence.

Am I Eligible for Home Care?

In order to be eligible to receive home care, you need to have a skilled need and meet other requirements determined by your insurance. For Medicare, and many other insurance plans, this means also being homebound. Our team can assist you with determining your insurance coverage.

“We also have to have orders from your primary provider, and then from there our nurse or therapist will come to your home to assess. We can also provide informationals prior to getting orders to help determine how we can help you,” Alyssa explained. “When we assess, we are looking for a skilled need such as wound care, education, or rehabilitation as well as many others.” We also have to determine if homebound criteria needs to be met, depending on the insurance. This means that it is a taxing effort to leave the home.”

Enriching Home Care at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, we provide you with home care that offers a high level of care in the comfort of your own home. Our home care services can help you on your recovery journey while supplying you with all of the assistance you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

"Our goal is really to keep people in their homes, where they want to be. A majority of our patients want to stay in their own homes, and our goal is to get them what they need to be able to stay in their home safely," Alyssa said.

We continually enhance the level of care we provide by taking the time to invest in our staff and services. All of our home care staff members are employed directly by us and have the proper education and expertise to provide the following services:

  • Skilled nursing and case management
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Medication management and education
  • Cardiac and blood pressure monitoring
  • 24-hour monitoring and care management of chronic illnesses including: diabetes, asthma, cancer, congestive heart failure, emphysema, pneumonia and IV therapy

Find Dedicated, Personalized Home Care Services at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, our mission is to truly enrich the lives of everyone we serve. We work tirelessly around the clock to ensure we provide each and every patient with the care they need. Contact us today to learn more about all of the benefits you can receive through our home care services option.