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We all know diet, exercise and socialization are vital components to a healthy lifestyle. The challenge, though, isn’t so much knowing these healthy habits; instead, it’s putting them into regular practice. As you continue to age, you may struggle to meal prep like you used to or have less motivation to stay active. This is where living in a senior living community can help. Between freshly prepared meals and regularly scheduled activities and events, senior living can help you age well in retirement.

The Benefits a Life Plan Community Has on Age

Where you live makes a significant difference in your health and how you experience your golden years. Rather than risk difficult upkeep and increased isolation in your long-term home, research has shown that moving to a life plan community (also known as a continuing care retirement community) can improve physical, social, emotional, vocational and intellectual wellness.

Compared to residents from the community at large, life plan community residents reported greater:

  • Life Satisfaction. Those who live at senior living communities tend to feel happier and more satisfied with their life as a result of the opportunities and personalized care they receive.
  • Optimism. Residents at senior living communities tend to report a more positive outlook on life. They experience better moods than their counterparts in the greater community and struggle less with negativity and pessimism.
  • Resilience. As a result of greater optimism and life satisfaction, residents of life plan communities tend to report higher resilience. Their active lifestyle and stronger sense of community helps them bounce back from stressful situations faster.
  • Hopefulness. Living alone can add increased levels of anxiety and loneliness. At a senior living community, however, residents report feeling as if they were living a much more hopeful and fulfilled life.

Living in a senior living community can also increase your happiness. Feeling happy has been associated with other positive outcomes necessary for healthy aging, such as better socialization, increased creativity and improved physical fitness.

How Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging

Life plan community residents seem happier and more satisfied with life because of the lifestyle they experience. They aren’t spending increasing amounts of time grocery shopping, doing laundry or completing yardwork. Instead, they’re living life how they choose, doing more of what they want, when they want.

For example, senior living residents no longer have to worry about cooking healthy meals three times a day. A life plan community offers a high-quality dining experience with freshly made, nutritious meals for residents to enjoy. You’ll maintain the healthy diet necessary for your active lifestyle, plus you’ll be able to chat with friends and neighbors over breakfast or a restaurant-style dinner.

Exercise is another aspect of a senior living community that residents have easy access to. You’ll no longer need to motivate yourself to drive to the gym. Instead, you’ll be able to take advantage of the fitness programming and physical wellness options designed specifically for healthy aging. The friends that you make in the community can be your exercise partners, helping you get your daily fitness in and offering you stimulating socialization.

Speaking of social connection, senior living communities empower you to live a much more socially engaging lifestyle than you would if you were still in your long-term home. Life plan communities offer social calendars with daily events and activities to partake in. Since housekeeping, home maintenance and meal prep are done for you, you have much more time for book club, afternoon tea or an art class with friends.

No matter what your interests or goals for retirement are, a senior living community has the lifestyle you’re looking for to age gracefully in place. Say goodbye to all the hassles and frustrations of home maintenance and welcome all the amenities, features and wellness programming a life plan community has to offer.

Find a Sense of Community and Fulfillment at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, we offer two senior living communities: Crystal Brook Senior Living in Park Rapids, MN and Grand Arbor in Alexandria, MN. At both of these communities, residents experience healthy aging like never before. With maintenance-free living and additional health services available when needed to social events and exercise programs, residents have everything they need right on campus.

This is where you can age well and live life to the fullest. Contact us today to learn more about Knute Nelson and all that is offered at our senior living communities.