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Senior man receives consultation at his physical therapy appointment.

If you’re due for a joint replacement or are currently scheduled for one in the near future, you see the light at the end of the tunnel: A more active lifestyle no longer held back by joint pain and weakness. But in order to get there, you’ll need to undergo surgery and cope with the temporary discomfort and physical limitations the replacement will bring.

Luckily, therapy can have a tremendous impact on your recovery and get you back to doing what you enjoy sooner. That is, if you’re using the right therapy services. Finding the right therapy services can be challenging, which is why Knute Nelson offers you a full therapy continuum so you don’t have to seek additional sources of care during your recovery.

Our Full Continuum of Therapy Care at Knute Nelson Includes 4 Key Services

Our therapy continuum approach provides you with the tools and care you need to recover fully and get back on your feet faster after a joint replacement. Our dedicated and highly trained staff will be by your side through each phase of our continuum of care to ensure you receive the personalized treatment you need.

According to Kayla Wohlers, Rehabilitation Manager in Home Care at Knute Nelson, our therapy continuum provides you with the care you need at every stage of your recovery.

“Our continuum at Knute Nelson includes the Care Center for short-term rehab, Home Care, Outpatient Therapy and the Wellness Department.” Kayla said. “These four areas can really meet the patient at whatever stage they're at on their road to recovery and allow them to stay within Knute as they progress and recover."

Through these four divisions of therapy, you’ll be able to get all the care you need right from Knute Nelson:

1.    Short-Term Rehabilitation / Skilled Nursing. Initially after your joint replacement, you might not be ready to go home just yet. That’s where our short-term rehabilitation center can help. Our short-term rehab center provides you with 24-hour nursing support, as well as physical, occupational and/or speech therapy, in addition to nursing care to help you return home as quickly as possible.

2.    At-Home Therapy Services. Our home care option allows you to receive high quality care right in the comfort of your own home. Our dedicated staff will bring therapy to your home and help you recover where you feel most comfortable and safe.

3.    Outpatient Therapy. Our outpatient therapy option can help you heal, build up your confidence and get you back to the daily activities you enjoy in no time. Located in our Nelson Wellness Center at Grand Arbor, our outpatient therapy center offers you amenities like private treatment rooms, strength equipment and experienced therapists that specialize in adult populations.

4.    Wellness. Our Wellness Center will help you build strength from wherever you are on your recovery journey. We provide therapies like cardiovascular strength training, fitness classes and personal trainers to help you recover safely.

What You’ll Experience in Our Therapy Continuum

There are many benefits of a full continuum of care for therapy, but the main benefit is that you will receive all the care you need to recover fully all in the same place, without having to seek out additional care services.

For example, let’s say you are scheduled for a hip replacement and you come to Knute Nelson for your prep and recovery. We have the care you need that begins before your surgery and continues until you no longer need our therapy services:


This is the pre-stage where you prepare for your upcoming joint replacement surgery. During this stage, you will take part in our Total Hip & Knee Aqua Class, where you will perform proper exercise techniques that will help you to recover more quickly. Our class takes place in Grand Arbor’s warm water pool and is designed to help increase your strength and flexibility prior to your surgery.

According to Alice Schmitz, the Wellness Manager at Knute Nelson, the wellness programming offered at Knute Nelson helps you build strength both pre-surgery and post-surgery.

"Patients can come to our Total Hip & Knee Aqua Class and build their strength in the water prior to their surgery as soon as they have set up their surgery appointment," Alice said. "When they come in pre-surgery, it's a substantial difference from start to finish. Those that come both pre-surgery and post-surgery tend to have a better recovery time and are a little bit stronger."

Short-Term Rehabilitation

If after your surgery you require additional time and care before returning home, our Short-Term Rehab Center team can help. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art tools and equipment can help you regain your strength and mobility right there at our center before you return home to continue therapy.

In-Home Therapy

Whether you have transitioned home directly from the hospital or from short-term rehab, our therapy team at Knute Nelson Home Care can ensure you rehabilitate safely in your own home. Our dedicated team of therapists, nurses, home health aides and homemakers will conduct home safety assessments, provide equipment recommendations and implement a personalized rehabilitation program made just for you. All of our team members at Knute Nelson are highly trained to help educate you and make you feel comfortable at every stage of your recovery.

“Following a joint replacement, the primary disciplines involved in patient’s care will be our physical and occupational therapists,” Kayla said. “Our nursing team is there to support for surgical incision monitoring and medication teaching as the patient transitions back to independence. Additionally, the patient may utilize aides/homemakers that can provide additional support. Each individual will receive a combination of disciplines that uniquely meets their needs.”

Outpatient Therapy

After you’ve received in-home therapy and you are able to move around and transport yourself more independently, you’ll progress to outpatient treatment. At our Outpatient Treatment Center, our team will continue to work with you on your strength and mobility and help you regain your functional movement.

In this level of care, you will work towards more advanced rehabilitation, such as returning to golfing or gardening. The Knute Nelson Outpatient Treatment Center also includes a warm water pool for joint off-loading during rehabilitation. Many individuals will find great success with this as the pool will allow for strength and range of motion progression in a limited or non-weight bearing fashion.

Maintenance and Prevention

To wrap up your recovery journey, you can return to our Nelson Wellness Center’s Total Hip & Knee Aqua Class for continued strength, flexibility and range of motion training. We also offer a variety of wellness classes and maintenance programs that can help you recover after your surgery based on your unique needs.

"Patients can come to this class pre-surgery, up until they have surgery, and then after they have surgery and complete their therapy. They can then come back to our same Total Hip & Knee Aqua Class for 16 weeks to continue to build their strength,” Alice said.

No matter which stage you’re in of the therapy continuum, you can rest assured that Knute Nelson has all the services you need to heal and regain your strength and independence as quickly and effectively as possible.

Recover and Heal from a Joint Replacement at Knute Nelson

At Knute Nelson, we’re here for you every step of the way on your journey to recovery. Our full continuum of therapy care will help you successfully recover from surgery and get you feeling like yourself again in no time.

To learn more about our care services and programs, please contact us at 320-759-4613 or by filling out this form. We look forward to speaking with you and guiding you through our therapy continuum!