The Knute Nelson Therapy staff was very professional and well trained. Every day they encouraged me to do my best by showing me the goals we would work to achieve. I really enjoyed that they would monitor my progress to show that I was improving each day. This was encouraging to see and helped me continue to work hard. The staff was very hands on and they take an interest in their patients. I feel like their old friends.

Al West, Therapy Client

When my husband’s mother and my mother were residents at Knute Nelson, they so valued changes to their routine days.  Visitors, activities, and “touches” from staff and volunteers enriched their lives and reminded them that they were God’s children and worthy of his love and care. 

Now as a volunteer, I get so much more than I give.  I’m so grateful as a “newly” retired person to have the time to give to residents as they share with me happy and sad memories of their lives.  I’m learning from them to slow down and spend time listening.  I hope a shared laugh, smile, and fun activities we do in Wellness will improve their quality of life.  I know they do mine.

Carole Westby, Wellness Volunteer

“I was so impressed with Knute Nelson! We knew that Knute Nelson was going to be the best choice for our parents care. Whether it be home care, rehab, or long term care- we knew Knute Nelson could offer everything they needed from here on out. We look forward to working with the Home Care team and have nothing but good things to say!”

John and Lynn Swanson, Home Care

“I fell in love with Nelson Gables. I get to go to exercise classes, activities, and can interact with all the different groups of Christians. Living here is like living at Disneyland, living at the Ritz. If you’re going to have to grow old, you may as well do it here.”

Mary Huls, Nelson Gables Resident

Grand Arbor is so special to me because in my 85 years, I have never felt so safe and secure and so well taken care of.  We have so many activities to take advantage of and one of my favorite things for me to do is sit by the fireplace and chat with one or two of our residents.  Especially when I’m feeling blue there always seems to be someone to cheer me up!  The only way I would ever leave Grand Arbor is when the Good Lord says, OK you have had enough fun, now it’s time for you to come to me and let someone else enjoy Grand Arbor as much as you did.  I am so grateful, so thankful and so blessed to be living in Grand Arbor with the wonderful staff and residents.

Eileen Collins, Grand Arbor Resident

If it wasn’t for Knute Nelson and their wellness center I would still be getting up around noon instead of 8 am.  It gets me up and out of the house and has been good for my overall health.  Just a great place to go and work out, interact and have a good time.

Jim Clayton, Wellness Center Member

Knute Nelson home care was one of the best decisions our family made when Mom's health started to get frail.  As a nurse, I appreciated KN's professional attitude when it came to information about services, as well as their scheduling, RN visits and billing.  They were always prompt and always polite when I called with a question or concern.  As a daughter, I was relieved to find the aides so caring and attentive to my mother, and we never had to worry about gaps in the schedule -- not once.  In short, the aides became a part of our family, and they will be a part of some of the happiest memories in Mom's final months.  I've recommended Knute Nelson to others who want reliable and compassionate assistance with their loved ones.

Anonymous Home Care client

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