History / Mission / Spiritual Care

Our Heritage

Founded in 1948, Knute Nelson was established through a bequest by the late Senator and Governor of Minnesota, Knute Nelson (1843-1923), to provide care for older adults. Over the last 65+ years, the Knute Nelson organization has dramatically expanded its available services to ensure access to care is available in the most effective manner to serve our 26+ county West Central Minnesota Region.

Knute Nelson’s strategic focus is maintaining a standard of excellence and developing innovative programs and services that enhance the quality of living for older adults. Knute Nelson’s strong reputation has been repeatedly demonstrated in their approach to identifying and providing solutions that empower older adults. This success is founded on the principles of operational excellence, fiscal responsibility, employee engagement and accountability to stakeholders. Our comprehensive approach to serving aging adults incorporates the best of all these dimensions plus the commitment to responsive and dynamic leadership.


Spiritual Care

Spiritual care programming is part of our mission work at Knute Nelson and encompasses all facets of our organization. Our approach to spiritual care is interdisciplinary and provided by all employees who serve as companions to our residents and clients in their journey of faith and healing.

Knute Nelson is affiliated with 16 local area churches that help guide and support our nonprofit mission and vision.

The Mission
of Knute Nelson is to enrich the lives of everyone we serve.

Our Vision
is to be the recognized leader of quality and innovative services for all stages of living.